Monday, July 14, 2014

McClure's Bloody Mary Potato Chips

Having previously (and I assume successfully) expanded their successful Detroit pickle business into the world of flavored chips with their pickle-flavored potato chips, McClure's now introduces a "Bloody Mary" flavored chip. While I prefer plain chips (especially thick cut ones), I am not opposed to a properly executed flavored chip with balanced flavor that lets you still taste some potato. I remember some very yummy ketchup-flavored chips eaten in England, and the Siracha flavored chips that Lays launched as part of a promotion not long ago. Both had a nice balance of flavor, unlike the usual BBQ flavored chip that's drenched in a salty-spicy-sweet mix that coats your mouth.

Unfortunately McClure's latest launch is of the orange BBQ chip variety. Despite the bag graphic there's no taste of olive or tomato or any vegetable or even Worcestershire flavor- just a mouth burning Tabasco coating. You'd think a premium priced chip would take a little more care, but these are just as overseasoned and unpalatable as their pickle flavored chips, which taste overwhelmingly of the powdered "vinegar" coating. More's the pity as their pickles are generally very good.

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