Thursday, October 17, 2013

Capinelli with Chanterelles

I was surprised to find Chanterelles at Costco on my last shopping trip- and at a very good price, too. For dinner, I sautéed a chopped shallot, some chanterelles, and a bit of red pepper flakes in olive oil and butter. Last, a splash of white wine.

While that was cooking I tossed a handful of capellini into boiling salted water, and when it was mostly cooked, I transferred it to the pan, along with a few ladles of the pasta cooking water- just enough to finish cooking the capellini and make a little sauce. Add a few twists of black pepper and you're done.

You could finish this off with chopped parsley, a bit of grated cheese, or if you're feeling Sicilian,  some toasted breadcrumbs.

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