Thursday, December 06, 2012

Salmon Croquettes, again

I bought a really big salmon fillet to make gravlax yesterday, and after trimming it to fit fit in the glass baking dish I was using to marinate the salmon, I had two oddly-shaped pieces left over. My motto has always been "when life gives you oddly shaped pieces of salon, make salmon croquettes," so that's what I did.

Start by coarsely chopping the salmon:

Add minced onion of shallot, celery (if you like), parsley or other herbs (ditto), a spoonful of mayonnaise, an egg, a dash of salt and pepper, a bit of Old Bay seasoning, and some crusty bread you've crumbled:

Form in patties, fry in an oil with a high flashpoint (I used canola), and serve by itself or on a bun with your favorite condiment. I used a spoonful of remoulade sauce.

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