Friday, November 02, 2012

Edamame Sushi, Madison Heights, MI

Last Thursday, after passing by Edamame Sushi countless times, I finally paid them a visit . They're located in the same strip mall as Fuji Market, Tai Pan Bakery and the Chinese Barbecue place I regularly visit.

It's a small, friendly restaurant  that features sushi (of course) as well as a number of Japanese, Filipino and Chinese dishes. I had a few pieces of sushi, all of which were very good, and a cup of hot tea.

Janet and I went back for dinner on the following Saturday, and had the sushi, which was good, the gyoza, which was excellent,  the Nabayeki Udon, which I liked, and the Pancit Bihoin, which she didn't care for, but that may be because it's an acquired taste. You can find them at 31632 John R Road Madison Heights.

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