Sunday, June 03, 2012

Ethical Sardines?

I was making one of my rare trips to Whole Paycheck for bulk oatmeal when I noticed these sardines on the shelf. The price was right- under $2- and they claimed to be hand packed- which, truthfully, all sardines are-  as well as"100% Natural". Are there unnatural sardines? Have I been eating synthetic sardines? The mind boggles.

What they are is large sardines, packed three to a can. The olive oil version is packed in a low-grade olive oil, and the lemon version in safflower oil with a faint lemon scent. There's nothing particularly fancy about them. They're a decent $2 sardine. But since I can get the much better King Oscar two layer sardines in olive oil for close to the same price at Costco (or at Amazon) I'll skip these in the future.

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