Friday, February 02, 2007

more oil!

Shopping at Trader Joe's the other day I was not surprised to discover that they, too, have an unfiltered olive oil, which they tiitle their "First Lady Reserve" for some reason. Perhaps that's a First Lady on the label. At first glance it's certainly attractive enough; there's a good deal of sediment visible in the bottom of the bottle, and at $5.99 for 500ml it's less than half the price of the Alessi at $9.95 for 375ml. While TJ's prepared foods have seldom impressed me, their raw ingredients and condiments often seem to be a good value. I bought a bottle.

So how is it? Well, it's a decent oil, but when compared to the Alessi, it falls flat on its face. There's absolutely none of the fresh, grassy flavor and aroma that you look for in a premium oil. In fact, there isn't much there to distinguish it from the cold pressed oil I buy at Costco for $9.95/liter. And so the search continues.


Anonymous said...

it's true that TJ's First Lady is mediocre. But TJ sells another unfiltered evoo that is the best, positively drinkable. The label is TJ but other ID inf. includes "California Arbequina Olive Oil." It's in a 16.9 oz. dark bottle and costs $5.49 in Cambridge, MA.

michael edelman said...

Thanks! I'll look for that next visit. They also have an Australian oil that look sinteresting.